The Trucker Chronicles

Schneider National, Inc. has announced that it plans to expand its tractor purchase offerings. This opens up business options for fleets, owner-operators and wholesalers.

Currently, the Schneider Finance division offers options to current and potential clients on gently used and premium new commercial vehicles. In addition, Schneider has an inventory of used fleet trucks. These trucks, when purchased, are not required to be leased with Schneider National.

The inventory consists primarily of models from 2005 to 2007. They range in prices of $20,000 to $35,000, making them extremely cost effective units. These vehicles have been maintained and serviced with utmost care by Schneider’s team of engineers and mechanics. They have a strong fuel mileage history and are guaranteed to meet a high level of preventive maintenance. This would explain why sales on used Schneider fleet trucks have been consistent, with customer satisfaction at a high level. The trucking industry has recognized Schneider’s aggressive preventive maintenance schedules and rigorous safety programs. This long term care makes these vehicles good purchases for long term value.

Alongside its over-the-road commercial vehicles, Schneider Used Fleet Truck Sales has an admirable inventory of agricultural, flatbed and oil field vehicles, day cab units and ultra shift automatic transmission trucks. There are also a large number of used trailers available at some of the best prices on the market.

Schneider National, Inc. has been providing its services to the commercial trucking industry for over 75 years. With a ‘safety first and always’ policy since day one, the company has unparalleled shipping capacity utilizing the industry’s finest craftsmen, technology and communication. They provide solutions tailored to their clients’ specific circumstances with an eye on cost effectiveness and efficiency. Schneider also offers steady, reliable freight and outstanding weekly miles. Schneider is supported by the Reservists and the National Guard and is a carrier for the National Transportation Institute. They are nationally recognized for their strong support of veterans.

Schneider also acknowledges its commitment to the environment. They are members of SmartWay Transport, a collaborative organization that works with freight shippers, logistic companies and carriers in finding fuel efficient ways to save money.

Schneider Used Fleet Truck Sales can be contacted at The website is constantly updated with Schneider’s every changing and expanding inventory.

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