The Trucker Chronicles

TSA is planning the beef up some of its existing security assessment programs for highway-related truck and bus operators — as well as public and private bridge and tunnel owners — by making approximately 750 face-to-face “voluntary” visits to such transportation organizations each year to review their current security programs and suggest best practices they might adopt.

TSA currently conducts what it calls “Corporate Security Reviews,” or CRSs, with some of these highway-related organizations. “These CSRs have served to evaluate and collect physical and operational preparedness information, critical assets and key point-of-contact lists, review emergency procedures and domain awareness training, and provide an opportunity to share industry best practices,” explains a Federal Register notice published by the agency on May 29.

TSA is now planning to consolidate this CSR program into a broader initiative it calls its Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement, or BASE, which will also cover transit systems across the country.

“Highway BASE program will continue to be a voluntary, instructive, and interactive review used by TSA to assess the adequacy of security measures related to highway transportation — such as trucking, school bus, and motorcoach industries, privately-owned highway assets that may include bridges and tunnels, and other related systems and assets owned and operated by state departments of education and transportation,” the notice adds.

Typically, one or two TSA employees will conduct an on-site interview for two or three hours, during which they will cover four main topics — management and accountability; personnel security; facility security; and vehicle security — and 23 recommended security measures.

TSA says this assessment program will enable it to keep itself informed on dynamically changing security threats, and to recommend improvements that owners and operators can make to their security postures.

The public can make comments on this proposed information-gathering request by sending an email to by July 30, 2012. Further information is available from Susan Perkins, of TSA, at 571-227-3398.

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