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GREEN BAY, Wis.  – Schneider National, one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers, announced today that it will transform a substantial portion of its fleet by the end of 2012. The company has invested in 3,000 new 2012 and 2013 tractors. Primarily manufactured by Freightliner, the technology installed on each vehicle will take Schneider’s efforts to keep its drivers safe and moving, while reducing its environmental impact, to new heights.

This year, Schneider is replacing one-third of its 10,000+ trucks with ones coming right off the production line, at a rate of 75 per week. The most significant safety upgrade is the OnGuard collision mitigation system, which assists drivers in recognizing and responding to potentially dangerous driving scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision.

OnGuard features a forward-looking radar sensor that monitors the distance, speed and deceleration of a vehicle ahead and alerts the driver to take appropriate action through an in-cab display.

“Safety first and always is our number-one core value, which means we always look for new ways to prevent crashes that could endanger our drivers and the motoring public,” says Don Osterberg, senior vice president of safety and security at Schneider National. “OnGuard certainly meets that goal. Our drivers are trained to keep a safe following distance of 7 seconds on dry pavement and at least 14 seconds on wet or snowy roads, but if a situation should arise where the gap between our truck and the vehicle in front closes to less than 3.6 seconds, a warning will sound, allowing the driver to take the necessary steps to regain a safe cushion.”  If the driver fails to take appropriate action, the system will deactivate the cruise control, depower the engine and even apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

Increased reliability will be another benefit Schneider will reap from the influx of new trucks. Drivers should expect fewer performance and maintenance issues, which translate into less wait time and more driving time.

On the sustainability front, the engine inside each new tractor meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 emission requirements. In addition, the tractors will have aerodynamic features that reduce drag, including wheel covers. Most will have farings that have been redesigned to optimize fuel efficiency and improve mileage per gallon, as well as Predictive Cruise Control. These features strengthen Schneider’s stance as an industry leader and pioneer in sustainable practices, and it further shrinks Schneider’s environmental footprint. Annually, the new trucks will save almost 2 million gallons of fuel and over 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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About Schneider National, Inc.

Schneider National has exceptional career paths for professional drivers and truck school graduates. Solo and team opportunities exist for company drivers and owner-operators in Schneider’s Regional, Over the Road, Dedicated, Tanker and Expedited lines of business. Local and regional solo opportunities also exist for company drivers in Schneider’s Intermodal division.

A $3.4 billion company and one of the largest truckload carriers in North America, Schneider has been a top choice for drivers for more than 75 years. Schneider provides drivers great weekly miles, steady freight and the comfort of knowing that “safety first and always” is the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy. Schneider is ranked a top-paying carrier by the National Transportation Institute and has been nationally recognized for its support of veterans, Reservists and National Guard members. For more information about Schneider National career opportunities, visit You can also connect with Schneider on Facebook at and Twitter at

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