The Trucker Chronicles

All you have to say is “Walcott”, and a trucker needs no further information.  They know what it is and they know where it is, the only thing they might not know is the Trucker’s Jamboree is July 12-13 this year.

CNBC has listed Iowa80 on its’ 10 “Most Outrageous American Roadside Attractions”.

“Advertised as the world’s largest truck stop, the sprawling

waypoint on Interstate 80 was founded by Bill Moon, a

location scout for the Standard Oil Corporation. Moon

eventually bought his employer out and turned Iowa 80

into a big-rig spa, with a truck washing machine of Moon’s

invention and spotless 24-hour showers for drivers. “He

would talk with truckers about their concerns,” says long-

time employee Heather DeBaillie. “He wanted to know how

to make their lives easier.”

Now run by Moon’s children, Iowa 80 draws 5,000 customers

a day in summertime, half of them nontruckers stopping to

eat in the food court or simply to fuel up, and check out Moon’s

trucking museum. In winter, the traffic reverts to 80 percent

professional drivers who know they can get everything from

to-die-for pork chops to a gym workout to a bath for their dogs.”

“Outrageous”, really?  Iowa80 isn’t some strange tourist attraction on the side of the road.  But rather, it is an icon for what makes America great.  Not only is it a small family business but, it provides for the needs of our truck drivers, the backbone of the United States.

Iowa80 is one of the “Best” places to stop for anyone.  It is definitely worthy of an extra few miles to get there.  Perhaps, the article will bring more non-truckers to a true place of “Americana”.  And while they are there…they can thank a trucker.

As for us, we will see y’all on the flip side…

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