The Trucker Chronicles

On October 3rd, 2011 K&B Transportation raised company driver pay to a whole new level with our new package.  With the new pay package, starting driver wages at K&B Transportation was boosted 4 cents per mile, to 38 cents per mile.  This mileage pay coupled with our long standing 2500 mile per week guarantee now gives all new hires a guaranteed $950 per week minimum.   Essentially, as a company driver at K&B Transportation, if you don’t run 2500 miles in a given week, we will pay you the difference!  Will you run more than 2500 miles in a week?  Generally you will, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the comfort of a minimum weekly paycheck in the rare instance that you have a bad week?

Besides our starting pay there are many other reasons to pursue a driving position at K&B Transportation, such as a 2 cent per mile raise at 90 days, boosting your pay to 40 cents a mile, and your guarantee to $1000 per week minimum, Midwest freight lanes (national if you choose), APU Equipped Tractors, and a $1100 Sign-On Bonus.  To find out more about a position at K&B Transportation, check us out online at or call us at (800) 851-8651.

7 Responses to “The Wait Is Over–$950 Per Week Minimum Guaranteed!”

  1. jeffrey & melissa linn Says:

    Please contact us with team opportunities

  2. Don Says:

    Is that $950,before or after taxes?

  3. Charlie J. Ray Says:

    I have graduated from a trucking school in August of 2010 and I have 3 months experience with KLLM Transport OTR. I have 8 months experience driving a straight truck fuel tanker locally.

  4. luis cedeno Says:

    im looking for a midwest to west job,no east coast,can you help?thx

  5. Robert Hart Says:

    Looking for a CDL-A driver position

    ROBERT HART ________________________________________
    2056 W 5540 S
    Salt Lake City, UT 84118
    (702) 420-4037

    Work Experience

    CDL-A Driver…………………………….………1995 – 2011

    • Utah CDL-A with all endorsements including HAZMAT.

    • CDL experience totaling 7 months OTR 3.5 years ago from
    1995-2008 hauling refer trailers out of Utah 48 states.

    • When Appraisal Business slowed I would drive OTR to supplement
    income though the income was insufficient to work on permanent

    Certified Real Estate Appraiser ………………………….1985 – 2011

    • Certified License in the State of Nevada primarily working in Southern Nevada including Clark and Nye counties.

    • Assignments included both Conventional and FHA financing for 1-4 family units.

    • Computerized generated reports using the form reporting.

    • Data collection from researching public records, physical inspection of subject, MLS, and cost service. The purpose of these reports was to determine an estimated current market value.

    • The recent market crash in real estate made if difficult to continue.


    • Pierce Community College – Woodland Hills, California
    • College of Southern Nevada – North Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Certified Real Estate Appraisal Lic# NV A.0003069-CR

  6. dennis prox Says:

    i have little experience i need help getting my career started

  7. ray carroll Says:

    i have been off the road for a year but i have about five years of experience how much will you pay cpm for that and what type of trucks do you have

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