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K&B Transportation is proud to announce a new pay package for all OTR company drivers.  Effective 10/3/2011, all OTR company drivers at K & B Transportation will receive a 4 cent per mile pay raise.  This pay raise will boost the starting wage for all new hires to 38 cents per mile, and after 90 days they are eligible for a 2 cent per mile raise upon evaluation.  We are also keeping our unique mileage guarantee in place.  Company drivers at K & B also get a guarantee of 2500 paid miles per week.  Basically, as a company driver at K & B Transportation, if you don’t run 2500 miles in a week, we pay you the difference.  Currently new company drivers are guaranteed $850 per week minimum starting out, but with this pay raise, drivers will be guaranteed $950 per week minimum, and with the raise at 90 days, you can be guaranteed $1000 per week minimum!  After 2 years at K & B Transportation, company drivers receive another penny per mile, raising the guarantee to $1025 per week.  No other company can offer this type of stability during these tough economic times!  Sure some companies have the top mileage pay, but no miles, while other companies have the miles and not the mileage pay, however as a company driver at K & B Transportation, you get the best of both worlds, top mileage pay, and the miles to match, as most drivers easily eclipse the 2500 mile guarantee every week.

Our pay package is not the only benefit of a position at K & B Transportation.  We also offer central US or national freightlanes (you choose), 100% APU equipped equipment, steady year round freight, and much more.  To find out more about an exciting position at K & B Transportation, call our recruiting department at (800) 851-8651 or visit us online at

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  1. matthew sample Says:

    i’m looking job i have 5 years of driving experince

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for your response. Please make sure to fill out the driver application on the website. We have also forwarded your information to K&B Transportation – admin

  3. scott mactaggart Says:

    Just a quick question. What kind of experience is required to apply with your company?

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