The Trucker Chronicles

Barr-Nunn Transportation, leading national trucking firms, is happily celebrating their 28th year in operation.  Although these days Barr-Nunn is among the 200 largest truckload carriers in the U.S., they proudly claim that they still run based on the principles and beliefs with which they were founded by Bob Sturgeon in the early 1980s: full staff involvement in company affairs, high safety standards, and a respect for clients and employees alike.

 When the value of farm ground surged in the mid ‘70’s, Sturgeon, then a farmer, seized the opportunity to sell his land and change careers.  Surveying the possibilities, Sturgeon saw huge potential in the transportation industry with deregulation kicking into full gear in the early 80’s.  When the opportunity arose to purchase the intermodal side of a friend’s business, Sturgeon purchased 13 tractors, and formed  Sturgeon Truck Lines, Inc.  The later purchase of Barr-Nunn Transportation further expanded his company.

 These days, the corporation has grown to a fleet of 500 trucks and 1,500 trailers with extensive service in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast regions of the U.S.  “I’m extremely proud that we’ve made it this far” says Sturgeon. “I feel so fortunate to have been able to hire such capable transportation professionals.  Because of them we have been able to truly put safety and excellent customer service at the forefront of our business.” 

 Barr-Nunn’s commitment to excellence is certainly evident.  As the innovator in pay packages, offering practical miles, band pay, and unique 401(k) plans for employees, they strive to keep those who make them great happy.  The plan certainly seems to be working as Barr-Nunn passed a recent audit by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with the highest possible rating.  Sturgeon is looking forward to many more birthday celebrations in Barr-Nunn’s future.  “I’m sure we can continue to improve with each one just like we have done so far” he declares.

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