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Barr Nunn Launches New Owner Operator Pure Pay Program

Barr Nunn Transportation has launched an innovative payment plan to provide their Owner Operators with more options and flexibility when it comes to their earnings.  The program, dubbed Pure Pay, debuted this January and pays 97 cents per Practical mile on loaded miles and 70 cents per Practical mile on empty miles. In addition, Pure Pay participants, like other Barr Nunn Band Pay Owner Operators, receive a generous fuel surcharge on all paid miles, loaded and empty, 100% fuel discounts within network, and $0.005 per practical mile pay raises every 60,000 safe paid miles.
With over 28 years in the transportation industry, Barr Nunn has made a name for itself by being innovative when it comes to their Owner Operator packages.  This new program will appeal to a large amount of the Owner Operators who want simplicity in their pay.  “We work hard to keep our drivers satisfied because we know how hard they work to keep us running smoothly” said Jeff Blank, Director of Recruiting. Because of its efforts to create an environment based on mutual respect, Barr Nunn has been able to continuously supply its customers with timely and trustworthy transportation services.  

To find out more about Barr Nunn’s services and its forward-looking pay and benefits packages, visit them online at

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