The Trucker Chronicles

Delay of Hours of Service Rules

February 4th, 2013

The American Trucking Association has recently requested that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hold off on its instatement of a new rule regarding hours of service. The association wants the government agency to withhold the new standards until three months after a court provides its ruling due to demands by the ATA and other […]

There are many reasons that a truck driver may consider switching companies. Some long-haul drivers look for a different company to work for because they are not home as much as they would like to be and they miss seeing their family. Others may be unhappy with the amount they are being paid. The drivers […]

Split Sleep Research Results

January 23rd, 2013

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires drivers to get eight hours of consecutive sleep, new research shows that split sleep schedules don’t reduce performance. Drivers have long said that they can operate their trucks safely with split sleep instead of the present eight hours required in one stretch. How Does Split Sleep Compare […]

Illinois recently passed three pieces of legislation in an effort to reduce vehicle fatalities involving truckers. Backed by the Illinois Department of Transportation, these changes in legislature are aimed at making the road a safer place by discouraging and minimalizing cell phone use while operating a vehicle, and opting to vacate traffic lanes right after […]

According to the Fourth Quarter 2012 Business Expectations report for Transport Capital Partners (TCP), a large majority of carriers were not impressed with the state of politics on the US.   When asked about reasons for their dissatisfaction, executives cited the “fiscal cliff” as an example. The looming problem has businesses and individuals alike concerned about […]