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Driver-Facing and Front-Facing Cameras

Some Pros and Cons


As trucking companies move to comply with federal regulations requiring electronic logging devices in trucks, many companies are looking for ways to exceed government requirements to make drivers and trucks as safe as possible.


This has led many large trucking companies to install driver-facing and/or front-facing cameras in their trucks. If you’re wondering what this means for the industry or you’re not sure why your company is installing cameras, keep reading find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of this move.


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Pro: Encourages accountability amongst drivers

No matter how safely you drive, you know that there are drivers in this industry who simply do not employ safe driving practices. When these drivers get tickets or cause accidents, they drive up costs for safe drivers like you. Cameras are intended to increase accountability and make truckers drive as safely as they can.


Con: May make safe drivers feel unfairly targeted

However, the downside of that is the fact that some semi drivers may feel like their privacy is being violated. Having every minute on the road recorded and transmitted back to your employer can make you feel as if your company does not trust you or is waiting for you to do something wrong.


Pro: Protects semi drivers in the event of an accident

Accidents happen; that is simply part of working in the transportation industry. However, accidents can be extremely expensive, both for companies and for drivers. If you are in an accident and you’re not at fault, you may still have to go through a long process to prove that. A front-facing or driver-facing camera may help prove your innocence in the event of a traffic accident.


Con: May increase anxiety amongst drivers

Being watched is nerve-wracking at best. Knowing that every move of yours is being recorded may make you feel anxious. This anxiety can lead to a decrease in your driving abilities if you allow it to affect your concentration. However, it is likely that this anxiety will go away as you get used to having a camera in your truck.


Pro: Lower insurance rates

Insurance is very expensive for truck drivers and trucking companies, due to the amount of miles driven on a daily basis. However, trucking companies tend to offer lower insurance rates to companies and drivers who are willing to employ features like front-facing and driver-facing cameras. This may particularly benefit you if you work as an owner-operator and foot your own insurance bill.


Con: Additional pressure on truck drivers

No matter how long you’ve worked as a truck driver, you likely feel quite a bit of pressure to drive safely, complete routes on time or ahead of schedule, and do so without getting fatigued or overworked. This can be quite the burden to carry when you are putting in long days on the road. Cameras may place additional pressure on you. Much like the stress drivers may experience, this pressure may go away with time.


Swift Transportation is the main and largest company to install front-facing and driver-facing cameras so far. Other carriers are expected to follow suit in coming months and years. Keeping a positive attitude and dedicating yourself to safe driving habits can help you look at these cameras as a positive aspect of your career.


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2 Responses to “Driver-Facing and Front-Facing Cameras: Pros and Cons”

  1. wayne Says:

    in my opinion I believe that a front and rear facing camera will instill safe driving in most people but a few will till drive like there crazy. have installed one in my personal truck and I do believe it will save me getting charge of an accident that I have not caused but tried to avoided as one all ready happen and I sent the footage 0in to the news station to used. I avoided the accident but the other driver change lanes with n signal and way too close to me .I seen him just in time. But if not I am sure it would have been a ticket for me

  2. James Moomaw Says:

    I agree with the fact that it does invade a drivers privacy, however on the flip side of that, with the recent ticket i have had the loss of job and then the subsequent no’s i have received trying to find work. I would gladly accept having it in my truck. in the times since i started driving i have received two tickets. The first is several years old and the one a year and a half old that makes me ineligible for everyone it seems. During rush hour in Chicago i was cut off by a lady while traffic was stopping. I rear ended the lady that took all of my stopping distance and received a ticket for it. right there is where i wish i had the cam to show that she cut me off, of course I would hit her i had no room to stop anymore the camera could’ve shown that.

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