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Supporters of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill claim that the legislation will “help us create nearly 2 million new jobs and … help us maintain leadership in the global economy,” but the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) analysis of climate legislation says the opposite.

“A recent CBO study casts doubt on the measure’s job-creating potential. The May 5 report, which analyzed how policies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions could affect employment, concluded that total employment during the next few decades “would be slightly lower than would be the case in the absence of such policies,” The Washington Times reported.

The report didn’t specifically take the Kerry-Lieberman bill into account, but said climate legislation generally will create fewer “new energy” jobs than would be lost in other sectors of the economy. The CBO offered this consolation, however — most workers who lose jobs will find new ones, The Times reported.

According to the report, an emission reduction program will eliminate the greatest number of jobs from industries that produce carbon-based energy. Also, industries that use those forms of energy intensively, either directly or indirectly through other inputs, would also probably experience declines.  An example, says the report, is the transportation industry, which relies on petroleum products and on equipment made from metals — steel and aluminum — that require substantial amounts of energy to produce.  The report estimates that a climate change program will eliminate 48,000 transportation jobs by 2015 and 62,000 by 2025.

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